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Dedicated Service Provider

Even though we were a small law firm, Jason took the time to assess our needs and worked to establish and equip a network for us suitable to our current needs but capable of being expanded as our needs grew. He was mindful of cost and worked within our budget. This was done for us a few years ago and although we have replaced equipment as needed we continue to travel down the tracks Jason laid. I heartily recommend Jason.

Jim Williams
James G. Williams & Associates
St.Simons Island

Customer Driven vCIO

I first partnered with Jason about 5 years ago when he served as vCIO providing compliance advice and UCaaS solutions to the highly regulated financial sector.  He helped banks and their IT departments thrive in the complex environment of state and federal regulations.   Additionally his personal relationship with federal & state auditors provided our banking clients the insight necessary to successfully position themselves and  prepare for the specter of audits. 
Without his guidance, IT departments would flounder.  With his guidance, road maps and focus were quickly established, and projects began to run smoothly to completion.  Best practices were quickly implemented. This not only relieved stress from IT departments, but boardroom management quickly began to value his insight due to his excellent communication skills.  He was able to effectively explain the "financial and regulatory impact" of technical solutions to management, thereby creating "buy-in" from key players.  All this done with minimal client employee and customer impact.  Best of all, he did this hand-in-hand with the IT staff, providing them the positive spotlight in which to bask as successful organizations.  It was win/win for all involved.
I still lean on him today as a technical and business mentor.  I'm feel fortunate count Jason as a reliable partner in a ever changing industry, and a personal friend as well.
Wally Inman

Honest & Responsible IT Architect

Working with Jason is always a pleasure. He is very professional and knowledgeable about technology. Jason helps a business understand why technology is going to help a business grow. Jason has been an example of honesty, ability and responsibility while we have worked together, and he has been always very focused on the objectives of the client.

Rob Butler

When you need IT services done at the highest level

I have worked with Jason for over 10yrs and I don't know of anyone else in the business who will work harder to earn and keep their clients environments stable with the "right solution."  When thinking of Jason and his work the words that come to mind are; dedication, quality and customer service. He thinks out of the box to make sure the best and financially viable solution is proposed and implemented.

Chris Garlington

Excellent provider of IT Infrastructure

Working with Jason is an exercise in innovation, and in 25 years of systems work, I've not met a better systems architect.  His awareness of current systems technology, combined with the ability to understand the system needs of a business allow him to engineer a stable, secure and well performing environment. I have used Jason across multiple business types with various business sizes, and he has built appropriately scaled back end systems each time.  I would not hesitate to recommend his services to any business.

Dennis Rice

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